vrijdag 23 april 2010


Yesterday my friend Shirley and I went to see several press-presentations in the heart of Amsterdam. We had such a blast, sunny weather and lots of fashion.. I might show you some pictures of my cravings later on (Gosh, I want that minty Triwa watch!) what else could you possibly wish for? I fell in love with so much fashion-related-candy.. gosh. These days make me grasping and greedy like hell, but it gives me so much energy simultaneously! Ofcourse we took some pictures, and also this time I didn't manage to keep it seriously.. sometimes I really look like a mentally extremely disturbed person.. ;)

vrijdag 16 april 2010

The Outfit: Sunny Amsterdam

Today, my lovely friend Shirley (pay a visit to her site!) and I went to Eleonore de Ruuk's store opening in Amsterdam. In fact, we didn't stay there that long, because the store was very small and in a few minutes we literally saw everything in it. Nevertheless, we likes the things we saw. Her style can be described best as a distinguished mix of avant-gardish highfashion with a sportive touch. Her hoods, graphic shapes, prints and the use of sportive fabrics contribute to a relax “street” feeling. This combined with the subtle use of more elegant fabrics and shapes give her style a unique handwriting. Nice, but didn't feel the urge to stay there for hours..
So after visiting the store, Shirley and I took some pictures of eachother while sitting and laughing in the sun. As you can see, I was acting like an idiot, trying to make a moustache out of Shirley's graduation-rose (Yes, my girl graduated!). Anyways, I cherish these little foolish moments.. ;)

donderdag 15 april 2010

New watch & VIQ (Very Important Question!)

First of all, my new watch. I no longer have to continue my search for a plain, simple, silver watch.. 'cause I found it! Michael Kors sells beautiful watches in all sorts of shapes and colors. I love the fact that most of them are classy, a little tough but without any unnecessary garnishings. Since I already have a strong craving for watches in particular, I feel there's an addiction rising..

Further, I need your help! I'm doubting about my hair for a long time now.. whether I wanna cut bangs or not.. The left picture is sort how my haircut looks like now (just a little longer..and a little less curly, but this is about cutting bangs or not..) and the right one shows how my bangs looked like when I had them cut a year ago. So here's my question: should I cut bangs again or shouldn't I? Help me out!

maandag 12 april 2010

Outfit: not today

Again, I'm so so sorry about the lack of updates lately. I've been very busy.. and last weekend turned out to be quite sad.. my granddad almost died, went to hospital, but his heart still isn't able to beat on its own. So sad, but we'll have to wait. And pray.

Anyways, here are some pictures me and my lovely boyfriend took a week ago. He was born on a Dutch island called Texel. The Dutchies amongst us will know this place.. ;) His mom still lives there. We spent Easter at my bf's mother's house. Ofcourse we had to take a little walk at the beach, but I was freezin' my butt off! So we went ascending the lighthouse! So cool.. I've been receiving some e-mails lately.. from followers who where curious what my bf looks like, so.. here he is :) Ain't he cute..? ;)

donderdag 1 april 2010

H&M order

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