vrijdag 28 mei 2010


Today I had this little lunch-date with my cute friend Shirley. We did a little shopping (I bought... nothing! *Tap on the shoulder). We had a gooorgeous desert with cream, strawberry and sort of chocolat sprinkles on top, hmmmm. Anyway, we took some time to shoot a couple of pictures and this is the (kind of awkward) result. I was wearing a quite simple outfit, as you can see.

Trenchcoat: Zara
Denimshirt: Zara
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Bijenkorf
Wedges: New Look
Watch: Michael Kors
Jewellery: Random

vrijdag 21 mei 2010


Today I'm wearing one of the floral dresses I showed you guys in my previous posts.. I really like it, it's cute, the colors are different from what I usually wear, but besides that.. I love it :) The weather was so great yesterday, hopefully this will last the whole weekend (or forever!), 'cause I'm going to a Dutch island, called Texel (my boyfriend grew up there). Me, my bf and some friends are going to participate in a theatre-event. Not as an actor though :p Just checking tickets and watching the shows. So excited. I think I won't be able to check my blog for that reason for the whole weekend, that's why I take this opportunity to thank you all for visiting my blog, I really appreciate the lovely comments/emails/etc.. Thought you should know ;) Talk to you later!


donderdag 20 mei 2010


Today H&M launched their Fashion Against Aids festival collection. My own closet has turned out to be quite minimalistic lately, so it needed an update! I ordered some things I really liked.. As you might know, I've always had a huge crush on leather jackets. I already have a lot of them, but a little grey one was missing! Further, I am going to try a maxi-dress.. again! They always turn out to be a couple of inches too short for me, since I'm 1.80m. Now fingers crossed that everything is as nice as the pictures show us in real life. Have you ordered some stuff from this collection? Which one do you prefer? Tell me!

EDIT --> Today I went to H&M to see the collection myself.. and I must say: I was slightyl disappointed. That's why I cancelled a lot of the things I ordered this morning. The hareem-pants were lovely, so I bought them in store. The leather jacket was nice, but maybe a little short for me (CLICK for bad snapshot of it), so I kept it in my order.. not quite sure yet. The jeans-colored dress looked soooo ugly on me! The fringe top was okay, but not as much as I expected, even as te leopard-dress, so also deleted these. The white top was cute, but made of a real strange fabric. I also kept this one in my order, we'll see.. The shoes were cute.. Necklace is cute.. Did I forget something? Ah! The maxi-dress! This piece is huuuuge! Finally maxi-dress that fits my hight, but unfortunately.. not my width :p I needed to take size 34 to make it fit around my waist and to not look like my grandma's curtains :p

maandag 17 mei 2010


Hi cuties :) This is what I was wearing today, kinda relaxed.. I'm só thrilled by the fact that those heels, which apparently are quite high, walk só comfortable! I'm very glad I finally bought these little babies..

Panelled pants: H&M Divided
Checked shirt: H&M Divided
Trenchcoat: Zara
Boots: Zara
Watch: Michael Kors
Jewellery: random, mostly Fashionology (lóóóve her jewellery: www.fashionology.nl)

woensdag 12 mei 2010

Recent Buys

I've bought some stuff lately and haven't been in the mood for taking pictures of those things seperately, so this morning I dragged myself into it and made some quick shots. Ofcourse I'll show some pictures of my wearing those things later on :) The New Look boots I've already shown before, so I added some extremely simplistic outfit-pictures of them, wearing my new jeans too (combined with my also-new-American-Apparel-deep-V, bought a couple of them, not really interesting, right?). So.. what do you guys think? :)

woensdag 5 mei 2010

NEW FIND: Plain, suede wedge-boots

Yay! Finally found some simple, plain, suede wedge-boots in a brighter color than the color I wear my shoes in most of the time: black. And they're só comfortable! I rocked these little babies for like 6 hours (went shopping, so I walked all day long) without any sense of pain. In fact, they aren't that high for a change (they're like 8,5/9 cm). All of my shoes are flat either sky-high, so these booties seem to be such a relieve. Bought them at New Look (yes, for real!) and had to pay €55 for them. They're made out of real suede/leather.

dinsdag 4 mei 2010

THE OUTFIT: wedge-boots

I'll show you guys some pictures of what I wore yesterday. In Holland it was raining cats and dogs. one my bff's and I went shopping, so you can imagine what we looked like afterwards.. like a drowning cat! Anyway, I bought some nice things that were on my wishlist (like lace-up suede wedge ankle booties, a floral skaterdress and nude/powderpink flats). Above you can see me wearing my new Michael Kors watch, I love it! It's a quite plain, yet elegant watch, gorgeous! :)

Some of you guys started asking why I never mention where I bought my stuff or which brand they're from.. so here we go:

Top: H&M Trend
Skirt: H&M
Tights: from a Dutch warehouse called Bijenkorf (Beehive ;))
Boots: Emma Cook for Topshop
Watch: Michael Kors
Random jewellery: Fashionology

zondag 2 mei 2010

ADDICTION: Basic colors, lovely shoes

Do I need to say more? I absolutely looove shoes! I think I might own like 300 pairs of them in all sorts and shapes. Today I felt like posting some shoes I like in some basic but strong colors I also like. Which one (or two.. or three..) do you prefer? I tend to fall in love with black shoes all the time, can't help it.

Annnd: the Michael Kors watch I posted a while ago finally came in.. and I LOVE IT! Pictures will follow soon!

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