dinsdag 17 november 2009

One can always wish..

Gotta love these pieces! I wish I could have them all! But unfortunately.. I do have to eat something during the rest of the month, ánd I'm going to buy a brand new snowboard soon.. which means I have to save some money. Such a bummer, but definitely worth it, I loooove to snowboard and can't wait 'till december 26th. Then we're heading off to France. If you guys are interested I'll show some pictures of my new snowboard after getting it, but I don't know really if snowboarding matches the interests of the people reading this blog.. so tell me whether you like to see it or not, so I won't tire you guys out by telling my dreary stories about one of my biggest loves (after my boyfriend, family and shoes :p).

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooie wishlist, vooral dat bontjasje <3
    Ik wil die foto's wel zien van het snowboarden ;)

  2. Prachtig idd, vooral het sequin jacket, cardigan en wedges! <3

  3. Oh die jas is geweldig, waar is die van?? De schoenen zijn ook geweldig
    Ik ga de 26e (dec) ook richting de schnee, maar ik ga boarden in Oostenrijk =D


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