woensdag 18 november 2009

Today's Outfit

Today I'm wearing my kind of oversized khaki-pants which I've bought a while ago and which kept on hanging in my closet ever since. The top of it is sort of a paper-bag-shape, which I like. I also cherish the grandpa-like colour.. such an interesting way of ugliness, haha. The weather in Hollands is kinda nasty these days, so I also wear my blazer underneath my jacket. Looks slighty rugby-ish, but I can't help I'm such a chilly person.. Combined with a huuuge scarf I'm ready to go.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel leuk outfitje!
    die broek blijft leuk

  2. Hey, I just moved to the Netherlands and a city in Utrecht. Saw that you also have fashion as a hoby. So I wondering if you can give me some tip of good clothes and shoes shops in the area of Utrecht? I don't know much about the dutch fashion market, so would love some tips!

    Grotjes, Veronica

  3. Mooi outfitje meid, staat je goed!! Geweldige broek.

  4. Mooie outfit!!!
    Gave broek vooral, leuk in combinatie met dat gestreepte shirt :)

  5. the pants are really cool.. I like them :)

    #' Iv

  6. je broek is echt supermooi!
    en geweldig gecombineerd:)

  7. Hey, it´s great combination of oversized trousers and striped shirt, I totally love it


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