zondag 3 januari 2010

Home Sweet Home

NOT! I wish I was still in Risoul, snowboarding my ass off ; But okay, it also feels good to be home (had a terrible journey home, so much snow, so terribly minimal sight!). Last week I had such a splendid week in Risoul, France with 19 other friends.. Unfortunately I got the fever at NYE - not that glamourous - and stayed in bed that night. Have you guys had a great NYE? Tell me! :)
Today I'll be staying at home, wearing an Adidas Originals tracksuit (lovely, but not that worth having a peek at) and Uggs (idem dito). The weather outsite is very fairy-like, so many I'll kick my ass out of my bed and walk a little tramp through the snowy parks.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. haha, ben ook ziek geworden, en ik hoor het echt overal. maar klinkt wel goed verder!

  2. ZOOOO geweldige foto, wordt veel te jaloers (en ik kan niet eens boarden hahaha)

  3. Vette jas men! Ik ben dit jaar niet gegaan, best balen..


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